On this page you can find out about all the various training events we have going on in and around the Diocese. Some of the events run regularly throughout the year, others are one off BIG events. To see a summary of what we do please click here.

Parenting Teenagers Course

A six week course run by Susan Witts based on the book ‘Parenting Teenagers’ by Christine Perkin. Susan will run the course on your request. For more information click here.

 Inspire Course

A four week course to inspire those volunteering week by week in their Church children’s work. The aim is to have fun and learn about new resources, crafts and activities. For more information click here

Parenting for Faith


An absolutely fantastic course for churches to run for their parents to help encourage, guide, support and inspire them in how to communicate their faith at home with their children. Click here to find out more: https://parentingforfaith.org/

Bishop’s Certificate in Children’s Ministry

A fantastic year long course allowing you to explore working in Children’s Ministry in an in depth way. Made up of 3 modules running over an academic year, this course allows you to train alongside your regular work. For more information click here.

First Aid Training

If you would like to run an event it is very important that you have members of your church who are First Aid aware.

  • The British Red Cross provide certified First Aid training courses for the general public. They are easy to follow and led by experienced trainers. If you have a group of 10 – 15 people who would like First Aid training you can arrange for them to come and deliver the training near you. For more information click here.
  • Mini First Aid in Lancashire is also a fantastic first aid training courses focusing on young children. http://lancashire.minifirstaid.co.uk/

Child Protection Training

Some handy information about the current state of this training that Sue offers. For more information click here.

If you have not had safeguarding training for your group in the last 3 years, please contact Susan Witts and she will gather groups for training sessions. All those who work with children and young people need to have been updated with safeguarding procedures.