Are you interested in exploring the Christian faith? If you would like to try going to church for the first time in a long time (or even ever), or maybe you’re at the beginning of your faith journey and would like to know more, below you will find some useful links to help you find where you feel is right for you and your relationship with God.


Finding a Church

Taking those first steps through a church door can seem daunting. Are you going to be welcomed? What style of worship will it be? What if I don’t understand what’s going on? There are so many questions that can run through your head. We have gathered together a list of websites which can help you find a church near you and will help you feel great about taking those first steps.

A Church near You

The Church of England has put together information about all of their churches across the country with the facility to search them via postcode. You will find information about each church, and you can get an idea of the worship style and what facilities it has to offer. Click here to find out more.

New Wine Church 

New Wine is a movement of churches working together to equip, support and train each other so people can experience the freedom of following Christ, the joy of worshipping God and the power of the Holy Spirit. Often a ‘New Wine Church’ will use worship songs rather than hymns and the structure of the service tends to be quite relaxed. You can find out more about New Wine and whether there is a church near you by clicking here. 

Other Denominations

You may feel that you’d like to explore other denominations, such as a Methodist Church or a Baptist Church. Click on the names to find a church near you.

Not Just On a Sunday

Church doesn’t just take place on a Sunday, or even inside a church building. Many services are taking place in schools, community buildings, warehouses, pubs and cafes. A lot of churches will run these services in addition to their Sunday ones, so it’s worth speaking with your local church to find out what they do. The styles of services are often a lot more relaxed and informal, and you may hear them being referred to as a ‘Fresh Expression’. You can find out more about Fresh Expression Church here

Finding a Fresh Expression Church

Unfortunately there isn’t a central database of Fresh Expressions, however you can find out how to try and find one near you by clicking here.

Messy Church

Messy Church is a form of church for children and adults that involves creativity, celebration and hospitality. Filled with crafts, activities, fun and sung worship, Messy Church is a fantastic way for the family to explore the Christian faith and meet new people, whilst having the freedom to move around and be creative. To find a Messy Church near you click here, or ring our office 01254 503405.

Café Church

The Café Church network describe themselves as ‘Coffee with a Conscience’. They meet in high street coffee shops and discuss issues such as fair trade, the environment, stress, parenting, debt and so much more, all from a faith perspective. There will be quizzes, interviews, round table discussions, live music, and good coffee and great chat. To find a Cafe Church near you click here.

Courses and Holidays

Sometimes the Christian faith can feel overwhelming and poses lots of questions. Some people struggle to find someone to answer their questions and help them with their faith journey. Below you will find a list of courses and Christian holidays which provide opportunities to ask those questions and find out more.

Alpha Course

Alpha is an opportunity to explore life and the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment. To find out more and to see if there’s a Church near you click here. 

New Wine Summer Festival and Events

Every summer New Wine hold two weeks’ worth of camping activities, which have plenty of seminars, workshops, and live music to help you explore the Christian faith. Throughout the year they also hold regular events.

Spring Harvest

Spring Harvest is a teaching and worship event for everybody. It is a unique break for all the family: holiday, festival, conference and an encounter with God. Click here to find out more.

Greenbelt Festival

A festival where faith, arts and justice meet. To find out more click here.


A list of other useful websites and organisations that may help you on your journey.

A blog website full of great questions for you to explore.

Big Bible

A way to engage with the Bible through local reading groups and online conversation.

The Church Union

Seeking to promote and renew Catholic Faith and life within the Church of England.


A movement of the Church empowering people to grow through prayer, study and action.