On this page you will find all the information regarding the role of the consultant and how they work with the school.


The Building Development Plans

It is important that bids for LCVAP funding are in line with the schools Building Development Plan. This should be prepared by the Capital Estate Consultant in close consultation with the school. The Building Development Plan shall be such that it can be phased and these phases prioritised. The solutions proposed in the Plan shall be achievable in terms of being fundable and not a ‘graniose’ scheme which whilst addressing ever need of the school, could never be funded. It is advisable to seek the advice of the Board of Education in this respect during the process. whilst is is difficult to predict future inflation, the plan and its phases shall be costed. This will inform viability and will provide guidance as to the school’s 10% contribution over the life of the development plan.

The development plan shall be revisited each year to be updated and revised if necessary, and be the basis from which an LCVAP bid is constructed.

Capital Definitions

Several documents to help understands all things Capital Buildings related: