Here you will find free ready to use resources for Collective Worship for Primary Schools

Church Schools Praying Together Across the Diocese

Cycle of prayer for schools Summer Term 2017

Cycle of prayer for schools Spring Term 2017

Cycle of prayer for schools Autumn Term 2016

As Christians and church schools, prayer should be part of our daily lives. Prayer regularly takes place in all of our schools, but how often do we pray for each other or pray together?

As a result of a suggestion being made by one of our Headteachers and consultation at recent breakfast meetings Lisa has created the first BDBE cycle of prayer for schools to use every week during the Summer term of 2016. Prayer cycles for forthcoming terms will be posted below. The idea is that at some point during each week you will all pray for a group of schools and the same topic. Therefore we will be praying for each other and praying together. With each topic there is a ready prepared prayer and ideas for your displays and focus table, but please feel free to be creative. The task and responsibility of leading this new addition to your worship could easily be given to pupils.   We have included a poster to display with ‘This week we are praying for….. . there is also a list of the schools in each district for information.

First World War Commemorations

We are producing a series of Collective Worship Resources to help commemorate the First World War:Wreath We will remember Compressed

Introductory PowerPoint

Remember and commemorate – who are we remembering and why are we remembering them?

The Best Christmas Present in the World – based on the story of the Christmas Day truce

The National Egg Collection – this PowerPoint could be used to inspire Collective Worship, PSHE, Literacy and Art and to explore the Christian Values of love, compassion and sacrifice.


Collective Worship for Harvest time

Here you will find the archive of Harvest Collective Worship materials

Collective Worship for Crossroads Mission.

To download a PowerPoint to use on Friday 9th September click here. You will need to do some preparation, so download it in plenty of time!

Reading through the Bible in a Year… Well almost!

We produced a resource for the year of the Bible based on the Lion Storyteller Bible. This can be used as a rolling programme for Collective Worship.


Collective Worship Resources on a variety of topics

Christmas Worship for Primary Schools based on different paintings of the Nativity

The BFG  – a selection of Ideas based on the Roald Dahl Book The BFG


God is…

Jesus the teacher

Teaching of St Paul

The Hands of Christ

The Word

Who did Jesus say He was?