Part of helping to equip others comes through sharing resources that we’ve created but much of it comes through signposting you to the fantastic work of others.

We’re always trying to update and add to these resource pages. Let us know what you need ideas or advice about and we’ll get searching or writing. Also let us know if you’ve come across something that you think could help others.

Finally, if you find chatting to someone more helpful than reading please just give us a call.


Pick ‘n’ Mix


Our second Pick N Mix resource, this time guiding you and your youth group through the tricky season on Halloween. Pick n Mix your activities to suit your group to create the perfect session to learn how we can be a shining light for Jesus. WARNING: Contains activities that involve fire.

Please click here to download the document and discover the ideas. 



This was the start of a series of resources that we’re creating for different celebrations. The layout of the resource means that  you can pick the suggestion from each section that will best suit your group to create the perfect session. You’re welcome. Click here to download and use joyfully.



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