Part of helping to equip others comes through sharing resources that we’ve created but much of it comes through signposting you to the fantastic work of others.

We’re always trying to update and add to these resource pages. Let us know what you need ideas or advice about and we’ll get searching or writing. Also let us know if you’ve come across something that you think could help others.

Finally, if you find chatting to someone more helpful than reading please just give us a call.


Pick ‘n’ Mix Resources

Pick ‘n’ Mix is created right here in the offices of Blackburn Diocese by the youth team. Aimed at 14-18 year olds, each Pick ‘N’ Mix resource allows you to create a session that’s perfect for your youth group by providing 3-4 activity options for each section. Take a look at the resources for the seasons created so far:


Stable to the Tomb


Starting 1st January 2018 BDBE Youth will take to Twitter and Facebook to give you a 14 week resource guiding you from Epiphany to Easter Sunday. Using popular hashtags you will be able to gather together a downloadable youth group session, which will include a Bible Encouragement, Prayer Activity, Praise suggestion, challenges to take away from the group, and discussion starter videos.

The hashtags we will cover every week are:

#MotivationMonday to give you the Bible Encouragement

#WisdomWednesday to give you Prayer Activities

#FeelGoodFriday to give you Praise suggestions

#SundaySocial to give you chat challenges to take away from the group


Every two weeks there will be a video on #TalkTuesday, which will be the discussion starter for the new topic (Epiphany, Promises, Disciples, Miracles, Beatitudes, Repentance and Holy Week).


We will also upload the videos on here so you can find them easily to use with your young people.





Helpful Links to Resources