As a youth team we consider part of our calling to be to “equip His people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up” (Eph 4:12). Some of this equipping comes through sharing resources that we’ve created but much of it comes through signposting you to the fantastic work of others.

We’re always trying to update and add to these resource pages. Let us know what you need ideas or advice about and we’ll get searching or writing. Also let us know if you’ve come across something that you think could help others.

Finally, if you find chatting to someone more helpful than reading please just give us a call.




We’re incredibly excited about sharing this resource with you as it’s the start of a series of resources that we’re creating for different celebrations. The layout of the resource means that  you can pick the suggestion from each section that will best suit your group to create the perfect session. You’re welcome. Click here to download and use joyfully.



Engaging with 20s & 30s

The Missing Generation

Look through the slides from Kat’s talk given in the Leyland Deanery in October.



Worship, Teaching and Ministry for students, 20s & 30s.


Fresh Expressions

Examples of Fresh Expressions with young adults.


The Community of St Anselm

Find out the latest happenings in the community of 20-35yr olds established recently by ++Justin.


Leading Those in Their 20s & 30s

Watch Ken Costa’s talk from the 2014 HTB Leadership Conference.


Prayer Spaces from Sanctuary 2015

Sanctuary 2015 was amazing and we learnt a lot about light overcoming darkness. We have put together a resource to help you recreate some of the prayer space activities that we used on the night. Click here to download.


500 Prayers for Young People

This is an amazing resource and tool which aims to help nurture praying hearts in young people who know connection and interaction with the heart of God. If you would like to purchase it you can from The Christian Resource Centre.


Prayer Spaces Pinterest Board

Lots of great creative prayer ideas from Christians all over the world.

Bible Study

Explore Together

A new and practical tool for helping people to engage with the Bible. It encourages the exploration of the Bible using natural learning preferences and preferred spiritual styles.


Running a Bible Study with Young People

5 top tips from the Diocese of London.


The Swedish Method of Bible Study

Some simple questions to help you to reflect up and discuss God’s Word.


Soul Survivor NIV Youth Bible

It is fun to read and has lots of interesting and engaging information besides the actual Bible text, and makes an ideal beginners Bible. I would encourage you to try this for your youth Bible studies, personal devotional or preparation time if you work with young people and as a present. To buy this Bible call our office on 01254 503405.

Online Safety


The latest information on the sites you like to visit, mobiles and new technology. Guiding you through what’s safe, what isn’t and what you can do about it.


Take a look at our Confirmation page for confirmation information, preparation resources and follow-up ideas.

Youth Group Sessions

Exploring Stewardship with Young People

From The Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales, a great PDF document guiding you through exploring stewardship with young people looking at their gifts and talents.

Live Life 1-2-3 Forty-Two

42 short sessions for groups or individuals on a range of topics from ‘Spiritual Gifts’ to ‘What Is Heaven Like?’ Each including bible verses, prayer ideas, questions and a short reflection.

Poverty Resource

A youth session to guide your young people through the topic of poverty.

No Child Taken

A youth group resource by Tearfund exploring the topic of Child Trafficking.


101 Fun Ideas for Working with Young People

A wide range of activities to run with your young people.


Top 10 Youth Work Games

Great ideas from the Diocese of Manchester.


Games with Purpose

PowerPoint from session led by Kat at Hotpot 2015.


Night of Champions

A comprehensive manual from Christians In Sport containing everything you need to put on a sports event with a Christian message (for 11-17yr olds).


Youth Group Games Free App

Free App containing 150 Tried & Tested Games.


Games Advice

A few questions to ask yourself when choosing games to use with your group.


Adapting Games

A step by step process to help you to adapt games to use in youth group sessions.


Ethos – Young Adults Video Resource

Ethos is a series of short films created by Youth for Christ which speak creatively into issues faced by young adults.

Is there more to life than life?

Alpha VoxPop videos on 11 different questions such as ‘Who is Jesus?’. Great for discussion starters.

Why does the Bible matter to you?

A video resource from SGM Lifewords to open discussion about why the Bible matters.

Called to…

Video series looking at what we are called to do as Christians.


Video testimonies which are great for CU, assemblies and other youth gatherings.

Recruitment and Support

(Volunteers and employed workers)

Working with Volunteers

A practical guide to working with volunteers. Created by the Church Urban Fund.


Just Employment

A guide to employing staff in faith-based projects. Created by the Church Urban Fund.

Planning a Residential, Holidays & Events

Planning Your Group Holiday

CPAS have put together a useful sheet to guide you through planning a group holiday.


Planning and Organising a Residential Event for Children and Young People

A great planning pack from the Children’s Society to help you plan a residential including good practice policies.


Residential Events

A fantastic guide to help you plan your residential event with your young people written by the Methodist Church.

 Sex and Relationships

Soul Survivor Relationship Series

A series of videos about relationships to be used in your Youth Group to encourage your young people to discuss the topic.


Romance Academy

A course about sex and relationships for young people so they become informed about their choices.

 Pastoral Care

A website full of advice, information, resources and where to find help for those in need.


Mental Health Access Pack

Helping Churches support those struggling with mental health issues.


Teens and Bereavement

Helen Houston, the Youth Worker/Chaplain at St George’s School, A Church of England Academy, has put together this exciting resource to help you support young people through loss. Full of ideas, advice, tips and resource links.


Preaching to Young People

Two of our marvellous Youth Chaplains, Ben and Opa have put together this fantastic resource of top tips and advice for preaching to young people. It’s easy to use and a great inspiration. Click here to download.

Christian Events/Organisations

Premier Youth Work

A monthly magazine containing loads of fantastic youth work ideas and resources. Many resources can now be accessed for free on their website.

Youth For Christ

A wide range of support from schools work and sports to holidays.

Urban Saints

Offer various training, support and events.

Scripture Union

Resources for a wide range of age groups and holiday club tips, advice and guides.


Team of young people empowered to serve Christ in communities.

New Wine

Training, internships, resources, conferences and national gatherings, New Wine are all about equipping local churches to change nations.

Soul Survivor

Training, events, resources and MASSIVE summer events.


Beyond Beans and Toast

This is a book that could be given to any student heading off to university and is particularly good as an evangelistic resource. It’s a brilliant balance of being both thought provoking and useful; the stories are so clear about the life changing experience of coming to know Jesus that they really challenge people to investigate more. There are some great links at the end for people to find out more about the gospel message and link up with Christian Unions. If you know people heading off to uni this year, make sure you give them a copy!



Learn to Listen

Lots of creative, ready-to-use ideas and resources from the Church of England to help your church listen to the voice of children and young people.

Church of England Youth Council

Events and opportunities to help young people to be leaders in the Church of England.