Welcome to Sanctuary Events

Sanctuary Events is a Board of Education initiative which comprises of a team of people who wish to help train and equip those who work with young people across our Diocese. Specifically, Sanctuary Events focuses on working alongside churches to establish missional worship events, providing opportunities for young people and their youth leaders to be witnesses of their Christian faith to those who are unfamiliar with church.

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What we offer

The Sanctuary Events team offer a wide range of services, see below for details of how we can help equip you:

Assist you in hosting a Sanctuary Event

If you are wishing to host your own Sanctuary youth event but aren’t sure where to start or would like some support then please fill out the inquiry form below. To be a Sanctuary Event you must be wanting to provide an event aimed at young people in your community who don’t regularly attend church. We can provide support, training and advice at each stage of the planning process, as well as assistance on the night. We seek to support you in establishing an event as part of your youth work provision which is sustainable, accessible and adaptable to the changing needs of young people.

Sanctuary Events Packages

These are a series mix and match packages that we can run at your fair, fete or community event to provide a taster of what we do and create a ‘Sanctuary Space’ as part of that event. Equally it will give you an insight into the type of events you could run yourself. Perfect for tent or stall environments.

We can run one package or a mixture of them combined:

Prayer Spaces: Four interactive prayer activities

Games: Two games with a theological point

Cafe: An acoustic set with refreshments and Biblical input to provoke discussion

Sung Worship: A worship band set with a short talk and response activity.

Sanctuary Events Training

We will host regular free training events throughout the year, covering a range of topics to help build confidence and knowledge on running youth events.


8th November 2017 7pm – 9pm

Clayton House

This session will include: Top tips for running a youth event, the starting points, and how to build your event structure.

More information coming soon.


Ecumenical Partners

Although Sanctuary Events is a Board of Education Initiative, we have several ecumenical partners who support our work in different ways. These include Scripture Union and Christian Aid team in the North West.


Inquiry Form

If you feel like you would like to start the process of running your own Sanctuary Event then please fill out the form below and one of our team will get in touch to arrange a meeting.

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