Changing and Setting Culture

Changing and Setting Culture

Changing and setting culture

(Inspired by thoughts from “Creativity Inc” by the president of Pixar and Disney Animations as talked about by Pastor J.D. Greear)

Here are some thoughts from a few people who have managed to inspire the world and improve a billion dollar business. How can these thoughts help us think about youth provision and our church family?

Let’s pray that God will work through these thoughts and inspire us and help us to bring positive change.

Thought 1:

  • As we grow or want to grow we need to listen more, not less. Insulation keeps us from knowing what is actually going on.
  • “Pixar films are not good at first. Our job is making them go from suck to not suck.”
  • Creativity has to start somewhere but it needs feedback and constant change. Always ask and always be willing to change.

Reflection for our churches:

  • Often churches think children and youth work is going well because they don’t ask about challenges and problems. It’s good to know your leaders, your young people and know what’s going well and what not so well.
  • Children and youth work does not just happen. It needs to be planned well, supported well, leaders need to be trained well, succession planning needs to be done, thoughts need to be in place how to transition young people on and how to connect them to the rest of the church (as they are an essential part of it). Our job is to help them walk from not Christian to hopefully maturity, leadership and complete involvement in all areas of church as well as evangelism and mission.
  • Ask those most creative and gifted and/or equipped for input and feedback. Involve the young people in this and listen and be willing to change.

Thought 2:

  • Separate the idea from the person. If someone is too intrinsically connected to any idea then feedback can’t happen effectively as it will be seen as criticism of the person.


Reflection for our churches:

  • In churches ministries, ideas and thoughts are often intrinsically linked to a person. Sometimes that can even go through generations. ‘The Smiths have always run the youth work and done it like that…’ Help people think about the separation of ideas and people and find ways to explore new approaches, bring feedback in and help them think that they don’t need to carry the burden of smooth running youth provision alone.

Thought 3:

  • Ask about feedback and input from those that are experts and/or are the ones most affected.

Reflection for our churches:

Ask the young people involved, their parents, the young leaders and the young people that you aren’t engaging at the moment. Also feel free to ask youth provision experts, e.g. the Diocesan Youth Team for input.


Conclusion: Some of these things might seem daunting but if a huge company full of creatives who literally define themselves by their ideas can do it then a group of Jesus-loving, people-loving, life-giving Christians should be able to do it. If we pray for it; then the Spirit will do His work.

The Diocesan Youth Team has developed the Youth Provision Development Project to help with this on a family-wide and deeper, culture-changing level. There is also training that fits well with this that can be delivered by our Youth Team. If you are interested or have questions please get in touch.

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