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Explore some of the exciting and varied resources on offer to equip you and your children.


Weekly@ is a free lectionary based resource for you to use with your Sunday group, which has a variety of features, making it a valuable resource for your ministry with children and their families.

Variety of Activities

For each week you will find an opening activity, game, discussion, prayer, song suggestion, activities and ideas for things to take home.

All Age Ideas

The newest addition to our Weekly@ resource is the Bible passage overview and All Age Talk idea, meaning Weekly@ has your Sunday sorted.

Age Adaptations

Weekly@ is aimed at 5-11 year olds but often has age adaptations for Under 5s and Over 12s. This allows you to customise Weekly@ to suit your group.

Weekly@ Home

Talking about our faith at home is very important. This is why each week includes a take home sheet to prompt opportunities for families to talk about what they’ve heard at church together.

Recycle: Plastic Bottles

5 months of creative ways to reuse and recycle plastic bottle whilst sharing the Gospel at the same time.


PinPoint is an exciting resource which guides you and your 5-11s through the Old Testament, using interactive activities and a creative timeline. Looking at people you don’t often come across in the children’s books, PinPoint helps children to connect the dots and understand the bigger picture of the Bible. Download the sessions from our online resource shop.

12 Sessions

There are 12 sessions, created in a way which means you could cover the Bible throughout the year (once a month), as a Holiday Club or which ever way you feel suits your group.


PinPoint is based around an interactive timeline, which you build up as travel through the sessions, filling in the gaps and linking people together.

Explore Activities

There are three different types of activities based on different learning preferences, such as activities for children who learn through moving and doing, chat cards for those who learn through discussion, and a pinning activity for visual learners.


Under 5s

We have a wonderful and growing selection of resources for use in your ministry with Under 5s. We strongly recommend our series of prayer activties which have been created by Sarah Earnshaw every June for the month of prayer for the past three years.


15 activities that encourage children to stop and pause in prayer and 15 activities that inspire you to go and be active in prayer.

Prayer Activities for Under 5s

30 prayer activities from Pinatas to snail habitats.

Invitations to Play

30 inspirational ideas for Bible based invitation to play ideas. Perfect for your creche, children’s area or toddler group.

Prayer Ideas

The original prayer book, still inspiring people three years on. Take a look at the 30 brilliant prayer ideas for under 5s.


Pinterest is an exciting social media that we use to share fantastic ideas that we have produced and seen from around the world. If you love our resources but would like to explore some alternative activities then we would strongly recommend looking at our boards, with a wide range of topics covered you’ll be sure to find something to suit your needs.

Our Boards

We have over 20 boards filled with lots of ideas. Look at some of our growing number of pins on a few of our boards:

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