Mould Me Make Me is an exciting resource from the Children’s Department which involves YOU! Throughout 2018 we will be exploring how we can be moulded by God into the person He wants us to be, all through soft squishy stuff some people call ‘Play-Dough’. What are our gifts? How can we learn to listen to God? Are we really fearfully and wonderfully made?

Over the next few months we will be sharing ideas, inspiration, and amazing recipes to make a truly sensory experience.


Weekly@ Summer Mould Me Make Me

We’re excited to share with you our Weekly@ Summer special, which uses the Mould Me Make Me theme this year. Six parables over six Sundays. Click here to discover more about it.



Mould Me Make Me Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? We would LOVE you to create and share some of your own Mould Me Makes, these are times when the children in your group have explored a question about God by making something out of play-dough, as well as times when your children are saying ‘come on – mould me make me to be like Jesus’. It’s really simple and involves three steps:

  1. Create a question for your children to explore. This could be around feelings, talents, creation, and pretty much anything in the Bible. You could even adapt a Weekly@ session to allow space for a Mould Me Make Me time.
  2. Give the children space to mould and make their creations.
  3. Take pictures of the final products and submit them to us using the form below.

For those of you on social media, you could tag us in a post on Facebook or Twitter (@BDBofE) and include #MouldMeMakeMeMoment




Share your Mould Me Make Me Moments here

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