Child Friendly Church Award
Currently Under Review

Applications currently closed

Exciting new developments are happening! The Child Friendly Church Award is currently under review so we are not accepting new applications at the moment.  Watch this space for details of the new developments and how to apply.

Well Done

We currently have over 100 Child Friendly Churches in our Diocese, which is absolutely fantastic. Thank you to all of you who work hard to minister to the children and young people of our Diocese. We look forward to seeing what the new developments will bring.

Blackburn CFC logo We currently have over 100 Child Friendly Churches in our Diocese which is fantastic news for everyone. If you have not yet received the Child Friendly Church Award but are thinking about it please get in touch and we can support you through the process. If you are already a Child Friendly Church and have been for some time, we would like to invite you to complete and submit the self-assessment form which will allow you to evaluate where you are up to now in your provision for children and young people, and also helps us to keep in touch with any changes and developments. Many of our parishes are now looking at outreach to families and we are considering a new award to celebrate this whilst still continuing the foundation work celebrated by the Child Friendly Church Award. Would you like to apply for an award or update your current award? Click on the following options…


Complete your CFCA pack using our online form.

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