There are some wonderful resources out there for us to buy and use with our Under 5s both at home and in our Parishes. On this page you will find some of our top recommended resources and links to where you can buy them. We would highly recommend exploring the Preston Christian Bookshop for many of your purchases, a fantastic local shop.

Bible Eggsplorers


Created by Sue Tinker, who has 30 years experience as a primary school teacher. These eggs and other activities create a fun and interactive way for children to explore the Bible.Click here to visit the Facebook page where you can contact Sue and buy some of the products.


Beginning with God


A fantastic book by Jo Boddam Whetham and Alison Mitchell which helps parents with young children to explore the Bible with them. It provides a simple way to get started and to develop a regular habit of reading God’s word.

RRP: £4.99

ISBN: 9781906334987




A curriculum from New Wine Kids, written by Anna Scott to encourage your preschoolers to dig deeper for God’s treasure. Acts as a fantastic follow on from a New Wine gathering as well as a stand alone piece to run in your Creche and younger Sunday School.

RRP: £24.00

ISBN: 9781902977324

Go Teach

Following a two year syllabus, this material is deigned for us in creches, playgroups, nursery schools and toddler groups. Teach 80 page book contains 13 session plans, visual aids and craft suggestions.

RRP: £13

Direct Link



Play Through the Bible

20 weeks of fun play activities to explore Luke’s Gospel with young children, by Alice Buckley. It helps parents explore the Bible with their child whilst having lots of fun playing together. Includes games, messy play, outdoor activities and crafts.

RRP: £8.99

ISBN: 9781909559196



God’s Story for Under 5s

36 Bible based sessions for midweek and Sunday groups by Becky May. Includes storytelling methods, activities and more in order to cater for different learning preferences and play styles.

RRP: £12.99

ISBN: 9780857463814

Jack in the Box Worship

A fun, multi-sensory worship for Foundation Stage settings written by Early Years specialists. The puppet comes out of his box to engage children in the four elements or worship, includes songs, stories and times to reflect.

RRP: £28 plus £10.50 for the puppet

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Wonderfully Made

Many churches run successful toddler groups, but it is often a struggle to make the step from friendship to sharing the good news about Jesus. This resource bridges the gap by supporting mums with practical help and advice through the early years, while also gently sharing something of the Christian message. Short video sessions, practical advice and real stories from mums about life with small children address the common problems and questions that many parents have.

RRP: Range from £3.49 to £14.99

ISBN: 99781910307175 (for the handbook only)



Dot to Tot

A parent and toddler group resource by Matt Taylor and Sue Merrifield. Dot to Tot is designed to connect both children and adults to God and His Word and Church and to help connect toddler and parent through what they learn together.

RRP: £9.63

ISBN: 9781782594888

God Venture Under 5s

A wonder 52 card set from God Venture to explore prayer, worship, Bible stories and response activities with Under 5s.

RRP: £7.50

You can buy it here.





Diddy Disciples

Worship and story telling resource for babies, toddlers and young children. This award winning resource fantastic and inspirational.

RRP: £24.99

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Big Bible Activity Book

Made to help parents and Sunday School leaders, there are 35 activities to walk you and your children through stories of the Bible with stickers, drawings, colouring and ideas for how to pray and how to respond the the stories in the Bible.

RRP: £9.99

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