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Weekly@ Summer Explorers

Six weeks of Bible sessions for 5-11 year olds, encouraging you to go outside to reconnect with God by connecting with His creation.



Our climate is changing, but our God remains the same. He is our constant, and through simply pausing in our manic lives to look and connect with the natural world around us, we can discover more about our creator God, whilst learning about caring for the environment at the same time. Weekly@ Summer Explorers is our Summer special for 2019, full of exciting activities that can be done outside through storytelling, games, crafts, and more all using natural or recycled materials. Over the 6 sessions children will discover more about who God is and how to connect to Him.

Inside the resource you will find lots on tips and advice to guide you through running your sessions outdoors, and hear from those who run regular outdoor church services for children.


What if I don’t have a large space?

You do not need a big leafy area to run these activities, especially not if you’re running these during your usual Sunday school slots. Inside our resource you will be find some ideas if you want to go outside but are limited by lack of space in the grounds of your church building.

Will I need a large team?

Outdoor church activities do not necessarily need large numbers of team members, especially if the session is taking place during your usual Sunday school slot. A successful session can run with 2-3 leaders (although you will need to adhere to the usual ratios of adults : children for safeguarding), so you simply need a small team who care about what you’re doing.

Do all the items need to be natural?

We would strongly encourage you to focus on using natural materials, however you may wish to supplement with recycled/upcycled materials too. The aim is to connect children to God through nature and learning about the environment, therefore items used should allow them to engage with the activities appropriately.