The Admissions Appeal Process

The Admissions Appeal process is administered and supported by the Local Authority. They establish the panel and all the arrangements around the panel. The process can be found here on Lancashire County Council’s website. All guidance notes on the Appeals Process from the LCC and how to prepare for it can be found at the bottom of the page on this link:

Correct guidance for schools can be found on the Admission Arrangements Page, click here to visit the page and download the correct documents.

The Department for Education Schools Admissions Appeals Code can be found here:

Click here to download the document.

Parental Appeal Forms

If parents wish to lodge an Appeal, they are required to complete the relevant form. Please note that the form they have to complete is different depending on what type of school is the focus of the appeal. Forms for Appeals against VA Schools are different to Forms for Appeals against Community or VC Schools.


Parent Forms for Lancashire VA, VC and Academy schools can be found by clicking here. 


Parent Forms for Blackpool VA, VC and Academy schools can be found by clicking here.

Blackburn with Darwen

Parent Forms for Blackburn with Darwen schools which are voluntary aided, foundation, free school or an academy must be obtained from the individual school office. If you are a VC school a form can be obtained by phoning 01254 666605.

Appeals Training

Attending Appeals and Admission Training is really important for Heads, Chair of Governors, and other staff and Governors involved in the Admissions and Appeals Process. The Board of Education runs regular courses throughout the year, and we would encourage you to attend as early in the cycle as possible. For information and details of any training events, please click here. 

Presenting a School’s Case at appeal

The school must decide whether the case is one of ordinary prejudice or infant class size prejudice. The papers below with give an outline of the best way to present your school’s case at admission appeals.

For all KS2 appeals and KS1/R where it is not infant class size

For infant class size appeals only

Admissions Appeals Code from the government website.

For information as to churches included in the list of Churches together in England or the Evangelical Alliance please see the appropriate web site.

Please find below some brief notes on how to prepare for an Appeals Panel together with a couple of examples of anonymised completed Appeals Paper to give an idea of what is required completed Appeals Paper to give you an idea of what’s required:

Blanked out Appeals Form (PDF)

Sample Appeal Paperwork (PDF)

Example of a complete form (Word)

Further Information, Templates and Guidance

For Lancashire Schools who are able to access the Lancashire Portal, there is significant information on Appeals which is readily available. In particular this includes:

  • 2018 Timetable including when deadlines for each District are, and when Appeals are due to be held for each District.
  • Template for Appeal Case – ordinary prejudice
  • Template for Appeal Case 0 class size prejudice
  • Secondary template
  • Appeal Form for parents
  • Venue information
  • Guidance and Form B for those submitting by post

We strongly encourage you to access the portal to look at and use these documents as appropriate. The relevant portal pages can be accessed at:

Who to Contact for Help and Support

If you have any questions or concerns we have a great team of people who are happy to help and assist you during the Appeals process.

Stephen Whittaker

01254 503404

Helen Sage

01254 503401

Sam Johnson

01254 503413