Appointment of Foundation Governors

Guidance on the appointment of Foundation Governors is currently being updated and will be available to download soon. The School’s Instrument of Government will detail how many foundation governors each school should have.

Every new Foundation Governor will need to complete a Governor Nomination Form, which, once completed and signed by the Nominating Body (Incumbent, PCC Secretary or Superintendent) must be returned to the Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education. All existing Foundation Governors who wish to renew their term of office must also complete the Governor Re-Nomination Form.

Building an effective Governing Body

Building an effective Governing Body is essential and we have produced a series of documents to help you in this task. They include a skills audit  to identify the strengths of the members of you governing body, to identify the specific roles and responsibilities individual governors are most suited to and to provide a way of assessing the gaps and the kind of people that need to be recruited; a code of conduct to help governors understand what is expected of them and to enable members of the governing body to commit to those principles; a self evaluation tool to help governing bodies evaluate what is expected/required of them, provide a point of reference for developing and enabling governing effectiveness and to enable members of the governing body to commit to an action plan for improvement.

‘What we bring to the table’ is an audit of the strengths, experience, skills and passions that governors may have or develop. To collate and analyse the information download the spreadsheet from the Go ministries web site

Code of conduct for governing bodies.

‘What we think’ is a self evaluation tool  to enable governing bodies to develop and grow in effectiveness.