Do you want to be a governor?

We are looking for new Foundation Governors to support the work of our 190 Church Schools within the Diocese. If you are an active Christian and feel you have the right skills and experience to help support a school’s Christian Foundation, then why not consider becoming a Foundation Governor? The skills needed include experience working with children, building and contracting skills, financial, marketing, social media, safeguarding, knowledge of data systems and working within the education system. This is a wonderful opportunity to become part of our amazing family of Church Schools and make a difference in your local school and community – there is likely to be a school near you looking for Foundation Governors.


Some of our current governors have shared their experiences, and over the next few weeks you will see their tales below, and if you’re interested please complete an ‘Expression of Interest Form’ which can be found by clicking here, or contact Sam Johnson, Deputy Director of Education


Laurence Upton


Foundation Governor at Bilsborrow John Cross CE Primary and Darwen St James CE Primary Academy

“I have been a school governor for nearly 40 years. The role has become much more significant over that time – governors now, in conjunction with the Head, make all the major decisions on the running of a school. This has made the role much more satisfying, and I have been able to use my experience as a Human Resources professional to help with these decisions. I now feel that I am making a real contribution to the education of the children, to the community and, as Foundation Governor, to the important link between church and school. Ofsted grades are important, but the moral and spiritual develop of our children is, I believe, equally important.”


Drew Hird


Foundation Governor at Lea Endowned CE Primary, Preston

“I have been a Governor for over 13 years, initially as a parent Governor and in recent years a Foundation Governor. I have been Chair of Governors for 9 years. I’m inspired by giving something back to the community within a school that has a strong Christian ethos, working closely with our local church. The children are tutored in a caring and loving environment by outstanding staff that work tirelessly to develop the pupils as individual learners and future citizens. I get a great sense of pride in being able to offer my time and skills to support the school.”


Phil Wilson


Parent Governor at Bolton-le-Sands Church of England Primary School

“I have been a parent governor at Bolton-le-Sands Church of England Primary School for almost eighteen months. The governors all bring individual skills to the team and act as a ‘critical friend’ to support the work of the Headteacher. The role offers a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the local community and help shape the future of the education of the children living and studying within it. Being a school governor is extremely rewarding and fits in alongside my full time job, I would highly recommend it.”


Geoff Dixon



Foundation Governor at Bolton-le-Sands CofE Primary School

“I have been a foundation governor at Bolton le Sands for 4 years now and it has been one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve undertaken. Having worked for over 20 years with young people and education, I felt that I could bring some of my eclectic skill set to the board. Also having children at the school gave me a personal interest in the development of the school. I enjoy working closely with the management team and the teaching staff as it gives you a very intimate look at the inner workings of the school and having such a diverse range of governors with various levels of experience and skills makes it an exciting dynamic finding the most inspiring ways to work together as a team. Ultimately the rewards are seeing how the decisions you make affect the personal, social and educational outcomes of the children at the school.”


Anona Pearson


Governor at St Aidan’s CofE Primary School

“Why did I consider becoming a governor? Well, having spent 38 years as a teacher in secondary schools I was well aware of the need to have a strong and effective governing body in order to make an impact on school improvement and provide accountability. Children only experience schooling once and I viewed governance as an opportunity for me to continue to make a positive contribution to children’s education by providing the headteacher with both challenge and support. Despite my years of experience in education I did question myself about the role, I voiced my concerns and it was suggested that I should visit the school to see it in action and have a chat with the headteacher. I was given a very warm welcome with an honest appraisal of the school. This, together with seeing the pupils happily engaged in their work, sealed the deal for me. These children deserved to have a first class education and I began to realise that perhaps by giving a little of my time I could make a useful contribution to the governance of the school. I’m extremely grateful for the support and encouragement in those early days.

Some of our governors are new to the role and from outside education, but there are a variety of means by which they can learn about the role. There is an induction course for new governors as well as specific courses about various aspects of governance. More recently we have undertaken a termly bespoke training which has given our governors the opportunity to learn together and to get to know each other better.

It is both a privilege and a joy going into school and observing a dry school improvement plan come alive and witness the school’s improvement. I never leave a classroom visit without a smile on my face having watched the children at work. For anyone who is considering whether to become a governor, but like I did feels a bit apprehensive, my advice would be to talk to someone already in the role, visit a school and even observe a meeting to see what happens. That way you can find out first-hand about the time commitment and what is expected of you. I am confident it won’t be a decision you regret.”


Carol Officer


Foundation Governor at the Redeemer Church of England Primary School, Blackburn

As an attendee of St Bartholomews Church, I was asked to stand as Foundation Governor in 2012 during the time my daughter still attended The Redeemer. Whilst I had initial concerns about what I could bring to the role, as I did not have a background in education, I now feel that my business background is of benefit to the school as it gives a broader view, especially in the ever changing role of schools within the community. Through this role I’ve come to appreciate the level of work and commitment all members of staff bring to the school, which people often do not see.

On a personal note, and as a mum, my appointment meant that I have a greater understanding of the level of education my daughter was receiving and therefore, whilst I was freely giving my time, I felt I was getting something back. My enjoyment in this role comes from working with a team that has a common goal and from looking at ways to secure additional funding for the school to maintain, if not better, the school’s educational provision. My inspiration comes from the Christian ethos of the school and that in working as a team with common moral standards, we can achieve a lot.