If you aren’t sure where to go for the information you need then you are in the right place. Take a look through our Frequently asked Questions below which should guide you to the right place. If you still feel unsure then please feel free to contact us on the details above.


Q) I have a problem with flooding or weather damage outside office hours, what should I do?

A) Within theBuildings‘ section there is information on insurance issues. The telephone number for the Ecclesiastical Insurance Claim line is 0345 603 8381.


Q) I’m a Head Teacher, where do I find information suited for me?

A) Within the ‘I Am a Teacher‘ section there is a sub-section specifically designed and created for primary and secondary heads, and Academy principals.


Q) Where can I find job descriptions and application forms for Governors?

A) The I am a Governor section should have everything you need to know about this.


Q) I am looking for information about funding available for school building work, where can I find it?

A) You can find this on the ‘Buildings‘ section which can be found in both ‘I Am a Teacher’ and ‘I Am a Governor’.


Q) I am looking for information about your Academy Trust, where can I find it?

A) You will find everything you need to know on the Cidari Multi Academy Trust website.


Q) Who do I contact regarding Safeguarding issues and concerns?

A) You will need to speak to our Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser, Sharon Hassall 01254 503088 / 01254 503081 or see the Diocesan Safeguarding section of the main website.


Q) Where can I find information on School Vacancies?

A) Any vacancies for the Church schools in our Diocese can be found on the main Diocesan website and you can also find vacancies on The Church Times website. Any other vacancies, such as Children and Youth Workers, Church House staff members etc can be found in our vacancies section on this website.


Q) I would rather speak to somebody about my query, how do I know who to contact?

A) You can visit our ‘Contact Us‘ section to see a list of everybody in our office, including their roles so you can find the person suited to your needs. If you are still unsure please feel free to contact us on 01254 503400.


Q) I can’t find where to buy the resources I need, they used to be on your old shop, where are they now?

A) When you click ‘Shop’ on our homepage, it now takes you to the website for the Christian Book Centre, that we work very closely with. If you can’t find what you’re looking for and need to speak to someone for help, do give Nigel at the Christian Book Centre a call on 01772 259279. The Board of Education still sell the CD ROM’s that link it with the school curriculum, along with other resources such as The Last Supper poster and related products. Please call Sarah on 01254 503405 for orders and enquiries.