Harvest Collective Worship Materials

Bishop’s Harvest Appeal 2018 – Safely Gathered in

This year the appeal is supporting two projects. In Brazil Christian Aid  is working with the  Quilombola people to equip them with a factory that will enable them to achieve a better price for their harvest of Brazil Nuts. In Sierra Leone the KIK project is empowering children orphaned by the Ebola disease with farming and life skills.

The PowerPoint presentation for use in Collective worship can be downloaded here.


Bishop’s Harvest Appeal 2017 – This year the appeal ‘A fairer Share’ is supporting communities in Burundi and Ghana. These collective worship resources give children an understanding of the ways in which trees can transform lives, highlighting the importance of training and sustainability, giving people in two of the poorest countries in the world an opportunity to flourish.

The PowerPoint presentation for use in Collective Worship can be downloaded by clicking on the photo of Bonaventure (left)

Bishop’s Harvest Appeal 2016 – This year the appeal ‘Hope for the Future’ is supporting communities in Bolivia and Zimbabwe. These collective worship resources focus on the project in Bolivia.

The PowerPoint presentation for use in Collective Worship available for download here.


These materials were written for the Bishop’s Harvest Appeals over previous years, but are still relevant to be used for harvest time Collective Worship.
Super Berry

Fighting Hunger Together – supporting communities in Columbia and Malawi.

Harvest for Justice – in the area around the Umzimvubu River in South Africa and the Harvest in Senegal, West Africa.

Reaching the Unreached in India – the gift of clean water.

Sowing Seeds of Hope – Based on Christian Aid’s work in the Dominican Republic.

Look After your Planet – using the Charlie and Lola book of the same title.

Watch outHenry Duck! Worms at Work – Transformation, Innovation and Celebration.

Harvesting Water – creative solutions for growing crops in some of the driest areas of our world.

Going for Growth – a PowerPoint presentation based primarily on the Bethania Project with Christian Aid in Guatemala.

Ducks and Muck, for a Healthier Harvest – a PowerPoint presentation using Henry Duck to teach about how ducks are changing lives in Bangladesh.

Superberries – a PowerPoint presentation focusing on a blueberry project in Chile managed by Traidcraft.

Speak Up for Those Who Cannot Speak Up for Themselves – a PowerPoint presentation about the work of ACC and Christian aid in Angola and the Mother’s Union in Myanmar.