Many young people don’t know much about confirmation. Some want to find out about it, do it because their friends are doing it, or go to preparation because they get free cake. Others haven’t got a clue why they should even consider it.

As a youth team we believe that confirmation – done well with great preparation and follow up – can be a brilliant opportunity for young people to explore, own, share and live their faith.

We need to think about why we’re confirming young people, how we’re preparing them and supporting them following confirmation. Below we hope you find some helpful information and resources to help you ensure that confirmation in your churches is all that it can be.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve got questions about confirmation, or if you’d like support to set up a new group to support young people pre or post confirmation.


Are You Ready? By Pete Maidment

A brilliant resource to help clergy and youth leaders prepare young people for confirmation. The resources contains 19 separate session plans but you definitely don’t have to use them all. Each session includes ideas for prayer, worship, activities/games, Bible study and discussion. Click here to buy.

Living Your Confirmation: Putting Promises into Action by Paul Butler and Pete Maidment

10 chapters that walk a newly confirmed young person through the Commission from the confirmation service. A great confirmation gift. Click here to buy.

Reconnecting with Confirmation by Susie Mapledoram and Pete Maidment

A theological and practical exploration of confirmation to help those who prepare young people to consider why and how they do what they do. Click here to buy.

Live Life

Confirmation resource that introduces young people to the Christian faith. It’s the latest resource from Dan Jones and Tony Cook, for more information click here. If you’re interested in buying this call 01254 503 405.

Pinterest Confirmation Board

We not only have an active inspirational Pinterest account, but we also have a board especially for Confirmation.

Faith Confirmed By Peter Jackson and Chris Wright

Faith Confirmed covers all the essentials of the Christian faith and is ideal for use with individuals or groups. Click here to buy.

Moving Images, Changing Lives by Phil Greig, Sarah Brush

Film is one area of popular culture that isn’t afraid of exploring life’s big ideas and big questions. This resource offers an entirely fresh approach to an introductory course on the Christian faith, using popular films available on DVD. Ideal for use with young people exploring faith for the first time and as a confirmation course. Click here to buy.