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Youth Resources
Explore some of the exciting and varied resources on offer to equip you and your young people.

Pick n Mix

Pick ‘n’ Mix is created right here in the offices of Blackburn Diocese by the youth team. Aimed at 11-18 year olds, each Pick ‘N’ Mix resource allows you to create a session that’s perfect for your youth group by providing 3-4 activity options for each section. You can download it from our Resource Area.

One for every season

Our Pick n Mix family of resources is growing, and you should find one suitable for your group what ever the time of year. Sessions include Christmas, Pentecost, End of Exams, and Valentine's Day.

Take Home

Each session includes take home activities meaning your young people can remember what they have heard long after the session has finished.

Exam Postcards

Stay connected, and communicate with those sitting exams with these postcards. They are a great way to show them that they are loved, supported and valued. Exam session is often a period of disconnection for young people so the exam postcards act as a way to send a personal message of support and encouragement to them during this time. Whether you send one or four to each young person, these cards have the potential to make a huge impact. Buy them through our Resource Area.

4 Designs

Four amazing designs with different pack size choices available

Not just exams

These postcards aren't just for the exam period, you could use them for any time you wish to encourage your young people.


Stable to the Tomb

A multimedia resource guiding you and your young people from Epiphany to Easter Sunday. Watch this space for 2020 edition.

Thy Kingdom Come

We have created a pew card to encourage your congregation to pray for the young people in your parish during Thy Kingdom Come and beyond. Visit our Resource Area to order your free cards.