The church needs young leaders. This is nothing new! The early church needed young leaders and we haven’t grown out of this need – locally, regionally and nationally, young people can make fantastic leaders.

Since we haven’t found a way to clone the perfect leader, and they don’t seem to grow on the local allotment, we need YOU! If you’re between 14-21 years and interested in opportunities to lead and to gain leadership knowledge and skills please get in touch. You don’t have to stand at the front and talk, there are loads of ways to lead, so whether you’re creative, caring, musical, prayerful, reflective, sporty, or something else, join us as we explore how we can serve God.

If you aren’t in that age bracket we would love it if you could encourage a young leader, recognise their gifts, give them opportunities, pray for them and/or just point them in our direction.

Ministry Training and Internship Opportunities

Are you interested in exploring your calling further? There are various training and internship opportunities across the country, especially in our region. Scripture Union and Christian Aid offer internships in the region, but they aren’t linked to specific churches, below is a list of training and internship opportunities with specific links:

North West Partnership Ministry Trainee

If you are interested in exploring full-time gospel ministry then this is a great scheme to take a look at. For more information click here.

The specific Parish in our region is St Andrew’s Parish Church, Leyland. 

New Wine Discipleship Year

A chance to receive inspiring teaching, discover God’s call on your life and engage in the mission of a local church. For more information click here.

The specific Parish in our region is St Thomas’ Lancaster.

Pais Project Apprenticeship

Free apprenticeships that include accommodation and meals, plus a recognised certificate. Apprentices are trained in three areas – Mission, Discipleship and Study. For more information click here.

Young Vocations

Explore God’s Calling on your life. Click here to find out more about how you can do that.