The Church of England wants to encourage gifted and committed young men and women, from all kinds of backgrounds, to consider whether God is calling them into ordained ministry as priests. From there, there are lots of exciting and challenging job options. The amazing Alice Cole is the Diocese of Blackburn Young Vocations Champion and her role is to encourage young people to take seriously the call from God whatever that might be. Contact Alice by emailing her


Collective Worship

If you would like to run a collective worship to help young people explore Vocation then this pre-made ready to use resource is just for you.

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CPAS have created some great resources to help those who are exploring their calling to ministry.

Click here to take a look.

Click here for advice and support.

Called? Videos

A series of short videos exploring ‘vocation’ and what it means to be called by God. Great discussion starters.

Click here to find out more.

Minority Ethnic Vocations

The Church of England have put together a great booklet about those from ethnic minorities who have responded to God’s call to ministry in the Church of England. Click here to download.

Call Waiting Website

The Church of England have very usefully created a website dedicated to exploring vocation.

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Liz Boughton’s (Selection Secretary at the church of England Ministry Division) Top Ten Tips for Fostering Vocations amongst Young People:

  • Assume that God is speaking to the children and young people you are working with. The most typical time for a person to first sense a call to ordination is as a teenager. Many are children when they first sense God’s call.
  • Speak about vocation in its broadest sense. How can you best use your gifts and skills to serve God and His world in need?
  • Be a great role model, if you are passionate about God and enjoy life others will want to be like you.
  • Support and encourage those who you think may have a particular calling, especially pray for them (think of Paul supporting Timothy in 2 Tim 1).
  • Peer relationships are key. Find a place where young people can meet others exploring a call to ordination. Every Diocese should have a group like this, ask the Young Vocations Champion.
  • Offer training so that individuals can relate their story of call back to the big story of God’s engagement with his people.
  • Give lots of opportunities for people to have a go at ministry related activities inside and outside the church (preaching, leading services, administering communion, mission projects, helping with a confirmation class, school assemblies, prison visiting etc.).
  • Allow people to fall without writing them off (think of Peter on numerous occasions getting it wrong before becoming the rock on which Christ has built the church).
  • Nurture vocations amongst people who are not like you (think gender, ethnicity, and social background). God calls all kinds of people. You will need to be particularly alert to notice people in these groups.
  • Tell a person if you think God might be calling them, don’t wait for them to come to you.



If you would like to find out about current job opportunities for young people exploring ordination go to