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Youth Provision Development Project
Do you want to develop your church's youth provision?

What's the Vision?

We have over 280 parishes in our diocese.  400 young people regularly attend one of these churches. 

Our heart is to see teams of volunteers equipped and empowered to lead with confidence. We dream about seeing an increase in parishes actively engaged in offering provision for young people, provision that adapts to best suit the needs of young people, led by those embracing a calling to minister to them. We are passionate to see a dramatic rise in the number of young people connecting with parish youth provision and, ultimately, being discipled as part of the local church family.

How is the project helping?

1 year ago, we started with an idea to help churches reach and disciple more young people.  We created the project outline and pioneered it with 10 churches who wanted to improve their youth provision.  Through fun and interactive workshops, we walked alongside their team as they evaluated, analysed and made an action plan.  These churches are implementing these plans.  We’re here to provide ongoing training and encouragement as change begins to happen.

Can we help?

Are you a vicar, church leader or a member of a youth team?  Would you like some help engaging young people, developing next generation leaders and seeing your youth provision grow?

If you’re interested, we’d love to share our ideas over a coffee and see if we can serve you and the your church.

Meet the YPDP Team

Andy Barnett

YPDP Officer (Maternity Cover)

01254 503402

Opa Geibel

YPDP Officer & Chaplain

01254 503414

Ben Green

Youth Work Adviser

01254 503407

Tabs Halliwell

YPDP Officer

On maternity leave

Want more information or to get involved?

If you’ve missed out on our information evenings and would like to know more about the project, please get in touch via this form.