Youth Provision Development Project

What's the Vision?

We have over 280 parishes in our diocese.  400 young people regularly attend one of these churches.  That’s very encouraging to see.  We also believe God wants to reach more.  

The Youth Provision Development Project was born out of a passion to see this happen.  Our heart is to serve and walk with churches empowering them to fulfil their potential and have a greater impact on the young people in the parish.

What do we do?

No church is the same, that makes it exciting.  We’re particularly keen to help you bring out your gifts and abilities and develop your strengths.

After agreeing with your church leadership that this project is part of the next step for the church.  We love to create engaging exercisesworkshops and discussions through which to help you develop your vision and plans.  We walk with a focus group or youth team and journey through the following few steps.  

  • Heart for young people in your church and community
  • Opportunities to serve them
  • Collaborate on a shared vision
  • Discuss vision, values, mission
  • Identify priorities
  • Move forward together as a church
  • Create strategic plan
  • Put plans into action

How Long Does it Take?

The initial meetings with the vicar / priest and PCC can take a month or so.  We’ll then take 3 or 4 meetings go through the 3 D’s over a 3 month period.  

Following that we’re committed to walking with you to train, develop and help you put plans into place.

Hows It Going So Far? Any Highlights?

We’re really pleased with the progress this far.  What started as a pilot project early 2019 has grown some momentum.  We’ve connected with over 30 churches that have engaged with us and have either been through the project or are planning to in 2020.  

Some highlights for us are;

– working with people of all ages to come together and discuss the vision for the future

– hearing a vicar tell us this is the most excited he’s been about ministry in years

– seeing a church employ a new youth worker for their next season

– encouraging a church as they work with their local high school to initiate prayer spaces 

– helping a church plan a youth weekend away

– seeing people in churches join a youth team and start using their gifts to serve God

– being a sounding board for church leaders as they consider plans to raise the next generation

What's The Feedback?

Here’s a few comments that have really encouraged us;

“We were able to identify what we are doing well, and where we really needed development.” – Focus group / church administrator.

We were able to articulate our priorities going forward and the process helped us think outside of the box”  – Vicar

We have raised the profile of Youth Work in church.  We have incorporated young people in various aspects of church.  We have also started to develop a leadership pipeline, which targets young people.”  – Vicar

Can we help you? Let's talk.

Are you a vicar, church leader or a member of a youth team?  Would you like some help engaging young people, developing next generation leaders and seeing your youth provision grow?

If you’re interested, we’d love to share our ideas over a coffee and see if we can serve you and the your church.

Meet the YPDP Team

Andy Barnett

YPDP Officer (Mat Cover)

Opa Geibel

YPDP Officer & Chaplain

Ben Green

Youth Work Adviser

01254 503407

Tabs Halliwell

YPDP Officer

On maternity leave

Want more information or to get involved?

If you’ve missed out on our information evenings and would like to know more about the project, please get in touch via this form.